Monday, 16 July 2007

A narrative tale

For once, I'm going to give an account of my activities, albeit briefly:

  • Thursday's Prom was excellent: my thanks to Greg for organising it at great personal effort and also great personal risk, as we all discovered.
  • The post-prom do was also superb: my thanks to Nick for hosting it, and for all those who were also there for being such great company.
  • Friday had the Head's 'leaving do' in the evening. It was an amazing honour, we discovered, to be asked to play. But it was a really, really moving event, emphasising why I love the school so much. What other school could claim so brilliant an ethos as to perform the Frampton of the Opera?
  • On Saturday, Greg, Francis and I played for my church's fund-raising concert with Southend Young Singers. It was an amazing concert, and excellent fun to play in as well. My thanks to Greg and Fran' for playing!
  • On Sunday, the Lassalian's tea was stunningly enjoyable. The best company, the best food, and a beautiful sung Evensong. The tea deserves special mention: tea, scones, crumpets, cake. I still can't fittingly describe it. So accordingly, my thanks to our hosts for a brilliant afternoon.

So why have I troubled you with a post best suited to the Oscars? Simply this: it made me really appreciate once more the pleasure of good company. We are so lucky to have companions with whom we can spend time. The last week has really brought home to me again how brilliant that is!


The Lassalian said...

Your welcome! Good luck in Venezuela.

Gavin said...

He means "you're", with an apostrophe, indicating an abbreviation of "you are". Who's the English buff NOW? :p

Shame I couldn't experience HM's leaving do, sounds really good.

God speed for Venezuela.

Francis said...

I completely agree - we're so lucky to have such a fantastic group of friends, and I know I'm going to miss people horribly when away.