Friday, 31 August 2007

'To spend too much time in studies is sloth'

It's been a rather longer break in posting than I'd hoped, because of how busy my summer's been. Venezuela was truly excellent, if exhausting and challenging. Full news of that shall follow shortly, when my travel journal notes are written into a brief tome.

More recently, I've been to Greece: it was absolutely amazing! We were on the island of Samos, home to Pythagorus, a stone's throw from Turkey. Have a look at some pictures, which might suggest the atmosphere:

Sailing! The RS Feva, front, and the Laser Pico back.

Both are really single-handed vessels. (And yes, the Pico's ahead...)

My father dancing with Lydia (aged 5)

The only problem was Father's attempts to speak Greek. Including his highly audible counting of lengths in the swimming pool, which caused no little mirth.

More analytical and philosophical posts to follow soon.....